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Name: Angela
Location: San Francisco, USA
Hello – I wanted to tell you that FreshStart really helped me to relax during my pregnancy and prepare myself for my due date. I was able to approach the birth feeling positive. After a long labor and difficult delivery with my first child I hoped for an easier birth second time around. I found Fresh Start enabled me to conserve my energy, manage the pain more successfully and be able to give birth naturally and this time without artificial pain relief This time I had the birth I had hoped for and doing this online was so much better than going to a whole heap of classes. Thanks again.

Name: Jenny
Location: Austin, Texas
Hello and thanks. Just wanted to let you know that we and our little girl arrived safely at home as planned, yesterday. We used the hypno-birthing techniques you taught us throughout the birth and they worked fantastically!!! I achieved the easy birth that I wanted. Everything went to plan and she had a peaceful entry into the world, it was so different to what I had experienced with my previous hospital birth. Thank you so so much for everything,

Name: Natalie
Location: Melbourne, Australia
I’m Natalie and as an independent midwife, I feel I just have to share the benefits of Fresh Start Birth Hypnosis with everyone.

It’s an immensely powerful program and I recommend it to everyone I work with

This program is also beneficial for birth partners, in particular fathers, as it provides them with a practical role during the labor and birth and enables them to remain calm, informed and in tune with the birth process.

Hypnosis Birthing with FrehsStart
Hypnosis Birthing with FrehsStart

Customer testimonial

I really enjoyed using the Fresh Start Method!

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