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The one time cost is just $49US. After you submit your details you will immediately receive an email, giving you full & unlimited access to the program featuring:

  • 6 gentle and relaxing audio downloads
  • 5 partner birth hypnosis scripts
  • 3 pleasurable and enjoyable breathing exercises
  • 6 PDF Booklets and study aids
  • Personalized weekly email reminder tips and advice tailored to your specific due date
  • 1 post partum “white noise” audio (to aid relaxing sleep for you and your baby)
  • Birthing tips, exercises & massage techniques
  • Birthing checklist
  • Ultimate relaxation techniques
  • How Your Birth Experience Will Change
    • Naturally reduce anxiety during pregnancy and childbirth
    • Relax your muscles to naturally minimize pain during childbirth
    • Ease the delivery
    • Effortlessly ensure peaceful sleep patterns during pregnancy

Matt Godson, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Matt Godson, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Matt Godson - Clinical Hypnotherapist
Accredited by the American Board of Hypnotherapy
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